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​​​​​​​​​​​​Ferries Family Groups


Working together​
for a more positive future​

Family Groups started in 1988 in New Ferry and has developed to other new locations such as Tranmere, Rock Ferry, New Ferry, Bebington and Bromborough. They are each led by two leaders who live in the area where the group meets.​

​The groups are a place where local people can have the opportunity to meet with others where they can relax and chat together, make new friendships and can also support and help one another with the normal, every day struggles of family life.



​The Pow​er of the Sunflower Seed

A sunflower, although in its shell and

unplanted, has the potential of greatness.

If it is planted, warmed and watered 

it starts to grow and develop.


It gradually gets stronger, grow bigger and

grows into the sunflower it is meant to be.

This may take some time as all sunflowers are

individuals and flower at different times depending

on the kind of climate they are planted in.  However

with time and thoughtful care the sunflower can

become a strong beautiful flower, fulfilling what it 

was meant to be when it was a sunflower seed.


We all have so many, many good things inside of us.

We may choose to wait, or have to wait, until it is

safe before we can grow _ _ _ but like the sunflower

seed we can begin to understand and value ourselves

(just like being warmed and fed).​

Then we can start to blossom and become the

 strong, special person we were inside _ _ _

What we were meant to be.


Shella Hughes


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