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​​​​About us​​​

The project has grown from one Community Worker to 6 paid part time, staff and an ever evolving team of around 30 ​volunteers. The project has grown and developed over the years and is now a well respected agency in the local area. We have a constant influx of referrals and as people gain confidence and skills they move on from the project, in their own time, to continue on life’s journey.​  We work with people to empower and move them from isolation to integration in the local community.  We do this by providing weekly neighbourhood support groups, The Nurturing Programme, 1-1 crisis work, parenting support, a reading group, training courses and workshops for all the family.  Social integration activities such as bingo nights, fun activities, walks and play activities are also provided throughout the year.

Members meet weekly when they might join in an activity together, or just have a cup of tea and a chat.  The emphasis is on informality and enjoyment. The group is led by two trained volunteer leaders, who warmly welcome all members.​

Family Groups reach out to those who are feeling isolated or stressed and would benefit from meeting others. Each group offers support, friendship and a listening ear and hopes to give members the confidence to use and enjoy other facilities within the community.

​What is a Family Group?

A Family Group is a locally based group of up to 15 adults who meet each week for 2 hours.
Each group is run by trained Volunteer Leaders.  Activities are provided for pre-school children supported by our Children’s Worker each week.​

Where do the groups meet?

  • Tranmere
  • Rock Ferry
  • New Ferry
  • Bebington
  • Bromborough
Who comes to the groups

People are usually referred to the groups by Health Visitors, School Nurses, CAMHS, Women’s Aid, or other local agencies but if you feel we could support you please feel free to cantact us.

If you wish to make a referral, please contact us on 0151 643 1042.​​

Nurturing Programme

The Family Links Nurturing Programme is a nationaly recognised 10 week parenting course which gives parents the opportunity to talk and learn parenting strategies to use at home. Parents are able to gain 6 cedits at level 2 with the Open College Network. The course is run by our trained team, including two National Trainers for Family Links.​​​​

The Reading Group

The Reading Group is run by trained Family Group Volunteers. A crèche is provided and it is a great way to enjoy reading in a fun way. The books are chosen to promote discussion and are read out loud by those who enjoy doing so. Those who prefer not to read can enjoy listening and taking part in the interesting conversations. ​​


We offer a variety of courses and workshops throughout the year depending on the needs of the members. Some of the courses we have run in the past have included Personal and Community Development, Confidence Building, Baking, Healthy Cooking on a Budget, Depression Courses, Money Management, Well-being Courses and Craft Workshops. We also work closely with local colleges, signposting members to courses of interest.​​

​What people say​

  • ​"This is my second family."
  • "It gets me out of the house."
  • "The groups support you through your problems"
  • "The Nurturing Programme helped me with the way I was bringing my kids up."
  • "You can come and talk about your problems and not be judged."
  • "The groups make you feel more positive."
  • "The groups helped me make lots of friendships".
  • "The courses that I've been on have been an opening to a bigger world"

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