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​​Ferries Family Groups​​​

St Peter's Church, 

St Peter's Road, 

Rock Ferry, 



CH42 1PY

Phone number:

0151 643 1042​

Email address:

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Office hours:

Monday-Thursday: 9:00 to 16:00

Schoolgate.gifImagine being at the school gate and seeing a young mother stressed and upset.  She is running late again and the children look stressed too.  She feels judged by those that just look on and talk in their clique.  She feels so alone and just want to burst into tears.  She feels that she is a failure, no one cares and that life is against her.
​​All of us can feel overwhelmed by life situations and circumstances sometimes. This is when we turn to supportive family and friends.  But not all of us have them around us.  We can feel isolated and alone. 

Ferries Family Groups provide peer support groups that come alongside and provide supportive friendships and help people overcome life challenges and move towards a more positive future.  By providing unconditional friendships, courses, socials and one to one support when needed. Ferries Family Groups can and does transform lives.

If you know anyone who may benefit from support, why not signpost them to Ferries Family Groups. 

You may be someone who notices and see overwhelmed, stressed and upset people around you and would like to support them but don't know how.  Why not become a volunteer with Ferries Family Groups and help make a difference?​

​Please Phone: 0151 643 1042 if you wish to make a referral​.​